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Was It Difficult Missing Two Years of Your Child's Life? - Dr. Bennett (VIDEO)

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Dr. Bennett explains how difficult it was missing the first two years of her child's life.

Dr. Shosh:
It was very difficult missing Elena’s first two and a half years, and she did develop an attachment disorder. She is now doing fine, I am happy to say, but that is another reason why I have such a passion to do what I do, watching out for the children because they are at risk when the primary caretaker is not well and I had taught early childhood development for many, many years and intellectually I knew that not getting eye contact with her and not being able to, you know, engage with her as when she tried to get my attention, I just had a very flat affect we call it, very little facial expression. So I knew intellectually how I must be damaging her, but you know, our hormones could not care less what we do for a living even if we are special education teachers, even if we are therapists, emergency care workers, or pediatricians. We are just women who are suffering. We are ill who need help and Elena and I were able to put ourselves, our relationship back together again, but it took years. This illness wreaks havoc on all of the relationships within the family unit.

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