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Will Postpartum Fade With Time? - Dr. Bennett (VIDEO)

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Listen to Dr. Shoshana Bennett (Dr. Shosh) answer the question, "Does Postpartum Depression / PPD Go Away By Itself?" Dr. Bennett is a licensed psychologist who founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987 after her second undiagnosed postpartum illness. Dr. Bennett is the Immediate Past President of Postpartum Support International and a past president of California’s state organization Postpartum Health Alliance.

Dr. Shosh:
Postpartum depression does not necessarily go away on its own; that is one of the myths actually. Postpartum depression can continue and become a chronic depression. There was one excellent study. Actually, a few studies, but one I am particularly thinking of where after an entire year, 25% of the women who had had postpartum depression were still deeply depressed, and what is important to know of course is that not only is her life miserable, but again this is affecting the entire family unit. So it is affecting her relationship with her children, with her marriage. So it is extremely important that she gets care.

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