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What Is Postpartum Depression? - Dr. Bennett (VIDEO)

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Dr. Bennett explains Postpartum Depression / PPD. Dr. Bennett is a licensed psychologist who founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987 after her second undiagnosed postpartum illness. Dr. Shoshana Bennett (Dr. Shosh) is the Immediate Past President of Postpartum Support International and a past president of California’s state organization Postpartum Health Alliance.

Dr. Shosh:
Postpartum depression is the most common of the postpartum mood disorders. There are number of them, and postpartum meaning after pregnancy. Postpartum depression happens to about one in seven moms. It is about 15%. So it happens to many of us, and it can occur, it can begin anytime during the first year postpartum, and it does not necessarily go away by itself. So it absolutely needs treatment.

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