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Women With Postpartum Depression, Where Can They Get Help? - Dr. Bennett (VIDEO)

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Dr. Bennett, where can women suffering with postpartum depression/ PPD turn for help? Dr. Bennett (Dr. Shosh) is a licensed psychologist who founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987 after her second undiagnosed postpartum illness.

Dr. Shosh:
There are a number of places where women can turn for help. If they have a health practitioner that they are working with and they trust, certainly, they should be able to go to that health practitioner and hopefully be able to get help either directly from that person or a referral to somebody who does specialize in postpartum depression. Whenever possible, I suggest that women do work with specialists, therapists who have the knowledge. It is not enough to work with the therapist who knows depression or knows anxiety or even knows women’s health; this is a specialized field, so whenever possible, they should be working with somebody who understands this specific area. They can also go to Postpartum.net which is Postpartum Support International’s website. There is a state coordinator in all of our states and in Canada, actually internationally as well, the number of countries are covered with referral sources. So there are a number of places they can go. They can feel free to contact me as well. I work by phone or they can e-mail me and I might be able to direct them further or help them myself.

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