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HER Health Meter

EmpowHER’s HER Health Meter is a first-of-its-kind, patent pending sentiment system that actually measures “life changing” impact of content and community members on our site! “Like this” or “rate that” is old news. At EmpowHER, we go beyond typical ratings and get to the heart of our content and community’s impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones!

Example of sentiment rating on an article

We want to ensure that our information, site Guides, Moderators and other members of our woman-to-woman community not only make a difference in your life – but also have the potential to improve, change and even save a life. Next time you read an article, watch a video, or participate in a post from the community that has impacted your life, feel free to click the HER Health Meter and log your esteem!

Remember – it’s women like you that help create genuine change in the lives of other women – so please click thoughtfully and responsibly. This isn’t a game. It’s a powerful way to express how you feel, and to pay it forward.

How Has Your Health Been Impacted?

Improved My Health

Content that helped you understand or make a better decision about your health or the health of a loved one.


At EmpowHER we strive to create positive change in the health and lives of women and their families.

Has a member or information on EmpowHER Improved Your Health?
Tell us your story at [email protected] if you would like to be featured on the site.

So now that you understand how the HER Health Meter works, we invite you to start helping other women improve their health, or even change their lives with a simple click of your mouse! Remember to click your esteem responsibly and help other women create genuine change in their lives today!

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