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Do Women With PPD Need To Take Medication? - Dr. Bennett (VIDEO)

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Listen as Dr. Bennett explains, "Is medication always needed for treating Postpartum Depression / PPD?" Dr. Bennett is a licensed psychologist who founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987 after her second undiagnosed postpartum illness. Dr. Shosh is the Immediate Past President of Postpartum Support International and a past president of California’s state organization Postpartum Health Alliance.

Dr. Shosh:
No, as a matter of fact, medication is not always needed for treatment. It depends on the symptoms themselves. It depends on the severity of the symptoms, what the woman is open to using, but there are definitely alternative treatments as well, and although I am very grateful that there are medications there when needed for crisis situations or others, I happen to be a natural-whenever-possible type of practitioner. So when a woman is looking for another type of treatment and if her symptoms warrant it and if the severity of her symptoms warrant it, I will absolutely guide her to other types of treatment. It is extremely important to look at nutrition because even some of the antidepressants do not work as well, we were finding, unless there is good nutrition, Omega-3s, etc., in the brain already. There is light therapy of a couple of different sorts. There is acupressure and acupuncture. There is energy, psychology techniques. There is a whole list of various treatments or combinations of treatments that the woman might take a look at. Education and support are at the top of the list for treatment. Very frequently when women understand what is happening in their bodies and they get the support that they need, emotional support, physical support, sleep, nutrition, etc., that is all they need in order to get themselves back.

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