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Gina Shares Why She Once Thought Suicide Was Her Best Solution (VIDEO)

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Gina Shares Why She Once Thought Suicide Was Her Best Solution (VIDEO)
Gina Shares Why She Once Thought Suicide Was Her Best Solution (VIDEO)
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Suffering from an undiagnosed health condition, Gina explains why she once believed her best solution was suicide.

It just seemed like the only solution, and I can remember it was right before I found out about her website that I was planning this myself. I was scheduled to go on a work trip, and instead of going, I was deciding to take my life. Instead I was planning on how I could just stay home and just end everything. Somehow, my daughter’s graduation from college was probably a big thing. There was always something I should wait until after that, and so I got up and I went to work, and in doing so, I found out about Michelle’s website through what I was doing at work the next day. And that’s the bizarre twist--that had I not gone to work, I never would have heard about EmpowHer. And as soon as my daughter graduated, I may have then ended my life.

But it gave me hope, and when I went to the doctor after talking to Michelle and finding out what type of doctor she went to, and then running into my friend and finding out she had gone to very much the same type of doctor, and I’ll never forget. I went to her and went through all my blood work, and she sat there for two hours with me in her office. And she had this little dog in the office. His name was Bob, and he sat on my lap the whole time, and I remember her looking at me and she said, “I am glad you have a daughter.” And I thought the same thing, and then I thought, “I am glad I found Michelle too because I don’t think I would be here.”

I really don’t. Part of me worries that my children, I would say, “Oh, what if my children heard this, and they’d be so hurt that they thought I wanted to end my life. And how selfish of mom to want to do that.” But I think it’s important that they know it was a medical; it was medical, and it can be fixed.

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