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Gina Shares How She Handled Her Panic Attacks And Depression (VIDEO)

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Gina Shares How She Handled Her Panic Attacks And Depression (VIDEO)
Gina Shares How She Handled Her Panic Attacks And Depression (VIDEO)
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Gina explains how she handled the emotional stress, panic attacks, and depression she was suffering from due to estrogen dominance.

I had been through a divorce, so that was what I thought was the reason, that you know, after being married 21 years, that this is the reason I am feeling like this, but it was a desperate feeling because I knew it was the right decision. My relationship with my children was fine, my relationship with my ex-husband was getting better, I was in a new relationship that for the first time in my life had never been so wonderful, and I just wanted to die, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Then there were days where I almost thought I was too happy. Certain times of the month I just couldn’t be happier; everything was perfect. And then a couple of days later, I just wanted everything to be over, and I’d start thinking of ways for it to be over. And then a smell, just a certain smell, would throw me into a panic attack. And I couldn’t breathe, and my throat would close, and I would just start sweating, and you feel foolish because there was no reason. I felt like I needed to tell somebody, “Well, I just lost my mother,” or you know, “Something tragic just happened,” but there wasn’t anything like that going on. I just didn’t want to be here.

And then I would have another heavy period, and it would start all over again. So I kept thinking it has to be, maybe it’s my hormones. Something emotional is causing this reaction, this symptom or there, I didn’t know really what it was.

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