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Colon Cancer, How Can Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Aid In The Treatment Of This? - Julianna Lyddon (VIDEO)

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Julainna Lyddon explains how mind, body, spirit integration can assist in the treatment of colon cancer.

Mind, body, spirit integration is absolutely a critical component in the healing process when we are thinking of colon cancer or dealing with it. The first most important thing I want to make the point of is that mind, body, spirit integration is not a cure in and of itself for colon cancer but a compliment to other treatments you may be involved in.

And here is how I want you to think of mind, body, spirit integration – as human beings we are not just a physical body. We are not just our cancer. We are a mind, we are a body and we are spirit and we need to pay attention to each of these parts of ourselves because they are firing off messages all the time. Our mind is sending us messages via our thoughts and ideas; our body is sending us messages about its state of being; we may not listen but they are firing all the time.

And our spirit is sending us messages as well. The spirit is letting us know when we are off track and when we need to get back on balance. So when we are looking at mind, body, spirit integration in relationship to colon cancer I want you to know that through the intuitive work I have done I have found that every part of the physical body, every organ speaks its own language. It has its own voice and this voice can be translated into a question, a metaphorical question we can use to help us aid in healing.

Let’s look at the purpose or the function of the colon in the body. The body is there to release bodily waste. It is there, it is actually the last link in the digestive process. So what does release mean in your life? In other words, what does it mean to let go? Are you the type of person that is good at letting go when you need to, or do you hold on to that opinion, hold on to that judgement, even if you know it’s not going to sever you or those around you? Or are you able to go with the flow in the rhythm of life?

It’s hard to do but let me give you a visual that you can put in your mind’s eye and you can use when you are going through your life and you find that you are hitting a bump or you are running into a challenge. So picture a line; picture a horizontal line, it’s basically a form of measurement, and you are going to put a vertical line right in the middle of this line.

At one end of the line I want you to think of the word or picture the word fluidity. Fluidity meaning letting go, releasing, going with the rhythm of life – a symbol for fluidity can be water. Water is so beautiful as it ebbs and flows and moves around boulders and rocks and mountains and cascades through the, through the stream.

And then on the other end of this form of measurement I want you to think of the word rigidity. Rigidity, referring to holding on as tight as you can. Again, not letting go of that opinion. Not letting go of that judgment. Not caring if it disrupts your environment in any way, and a symbol for that is stone, is a boulder, maybe cement and in the center where you have created the vertical line I want you to refer to the word balance.

So as you are moving through your life and you’ve hit a challenge or a rough spot bring this up in your mind’s eye, look at it. Ask yourself, am I being too fluid? Am I tipping the scales too much in that direction, or may be I am becoming this puddle of water that people can walk all over me? Or maybe are you tipping the scale in another direction with regard to this rigidity? Are you holding on too tight to something that really doesn’t matter? It could affect your physical body. It could affect your relationships.

So stand back and think of how you can find your own personal balance, your own personal power in this situation. So again, this is a way to contemplate this theme of release and letting go and use it to aid yourself in the healing process. It’s amazing when we look at these types of questions because it allows us to go deeper and it allows us to grow as human beings because if we don’t grow we are just stagnant. We are here to grow and find our purpose and meaning in life.

About Julianna:
Julianna Lyddon, MC, is an Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist with a master’s degree in marriage, family and child therapy. With many years of experience as a practicing counselor, Lyddon focuses on helping people through self-introspection and intuition therapy. Lyddon guides her clients in utilizing their natural intuitive gifts while connecting with the many layers that lie beneath and within themselves.

Visit Julianna at Her Web site


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