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Heart Disease, How Can Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Aid In The Treatment Of This? - Julianna Lyddon (VIDEO)

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Julianna Lyddon explains how mind, body, spirit integration can assist in the treatment of heart disease.

Mind, body, spirit integration actually works at tapping into all facets of the human being, all levels of who we are. It works at targeting the entirety of who we are so we look at the mind, we look at the body, we look at the spirit. We don’t just necessarily look at the heart because we are made up of a mind and a body and a spirit and when we take the time to tap into the messages that lie beneath our mind and our body and our spirit we find that we become more in-depth with the awareness of who we really are.

So when we are looking at heart disease in relationship to mind, body, spirit integration it’s important that we first look at the function of the heart. Well the heart is there in the body, it’s kind of our supreme provider of the body. Through its pumping it pushes blood throughout the body providing oxygen and nutrients to all of the organs, and the heart is really the only organ in the body energetically that is associated with love and compassion.

So if you are a woman who is suffering from heart disease, I think it’s very important that we first look at the word disease and we break it down. Dis, referring to lack of, and ease, referring to comfort or freedom or relief. So I encourage you to ask yourself a metaphorical question – where in your life might there be a lack of freedom, a lack of relief, a lack of comfort, because what I have found in my practice, I work predominantly with women, is that we set such high expectations for ourselves, we want to be the best mother, we want to be the best employee, we want to be the best in-law, we want to be the best friend and there is no perfection in the human condition.

So I find that along the way what happens with many of us is that we give away or sacrifice parts of ourselves and it’s as if we wake up one day and hit a wall and say, who am I? Where is my joy? Where is my comfort? Where is my relief? And so I have found it to be extremely empowering for women to look at this type of metaphorical question surrounding the theme of freedom and relief and ask yourself, am I the type of woman that doesn’t give and receive enough love? Am I the type of woman that as a provider I have so much on my plate, I don’t see the joy that surrounds me.

So take the time to take it a step further. Again, this isn’t a cure or a treatment for heart disease but it certainly is a compliment to other treatments or modalities that you may be involved in. So ponder these types of questions and you will know if they resonate with you in an intuitive way and you can work at healing other aspects of yourselves.

About Julianna:
Julianna Lyddon, MC, is an Intuitive Energy Healing Therapist with a master's degree in marriage, family and child therapy. With many years of experience as a practicing counselor, Lyddon focuses on helping people through self-introspection and intuition therapy. Lyddon guides her clients in utilizing their natural intuitive gifts while connecting with the many layers that lie beneath and within themselves.

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