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Which Food Do You Recommend For Menopausal Women? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)

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Which Food Do You Recommend For Menopausal Women? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)
Which Food Do You Recommend For Menopausal Women? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)
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Dr. Maoshing Ni explains the foods he recommends for menopausal women in their second spring.

Dr. Mao:
The foods are really useful for second spring to revitalize. For example, beans and legumes: soy, black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, azuki beans, lentils, mung beans, garbanzos, so all these variety of beans and also soy. Soy is quite beneficial but you have to sort of look at the right type of soy. You want to have soy that is more fermented, easier to digest for example tempe, miso, tofu. So as opposed to eating isolated soy nutrients like genisteins or isoflavones in the powder form, so you want to try to go for the real food. All the beans contain phytoestrogens. These are plant source estrogens that naturally can help supplement and stimulate your own production. So that is one.

Two: nuts and seeds. The fatty acids in nuts and seeds are so bountiful and so useful to prevent the premature aging of the skin. The structure really supports that, plus the fatty acids are important for the manufacturing of the hormones and natural hormones in the body. Nuts and seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, pine nuts, all the different kind of nuts and seeds are very, very beneficial

Dr. Mao is a Licensed Acupuncturist, a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology and a Diplomat in Anti-Aging. He is currently in general practice with special interest in immune, hormonal and aging related conditions. He was awarded the Outstanding Acupuncturist of the Year Award in 1987. Dr. Mao along with Dr. Dao, his brother and father, founded Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California. He is currently director and a professor of Chinese medicine at Yo San University. Dr. Mao is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the AOM ALLIANCE, American Society of Acupuncturist, the American Association of Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine and National certification Commission for Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Diplomat in Chinese Herbology.

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