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Which Healing Foods Help Maintain Good Heart Health? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)

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Which Healing Foods Help Maintain Good Heart Health?  - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)
Which Healing Foods Help Maintain Good Heart Health? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)
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Dr. Mao explains which foods help promote women's heart health.

Dr. Mao:
So ladies, let's talk about heart and blood. When we talk about heart and blood, we’re talking about the actual heart health, and we’re talking about circulation. So why is it so important to have good heart health? Well, if you look at the statistics, the number one killer in America today is heart disease.

Close to a million people die every single year from heart disease, and I bet you didn't know this. Sixty percent of heart disease patients, all right, their first symptom, for 60 percent of them, guess what it is? Sudden death, they don’t get a second chance. That is really tragic and sad.

I don’t want you to be one of them. So we are going to discuss some of the things that you can do to help yourself. All right, so I’ve got here on my cutting board here I have got garlic, ginger, apples, asparagus, and basil. This is so fragrant, fabulous. Let's talk about garlic. Garlic is good for heart health. I suggest eating couple of cloves of garlic every day and because it has been shown to increase blood flow and reduce cholesterol, very good.

Ginger – anti-inflammatory. What is the mechanism for plaque to build up in your arteries? Inflammation. Ginger gets rid of inflammation, and it helps with circulation. Apples – there’s an old adage that says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." I want to change that. I am going to call it, "Three apples a day keeps the heart doctor away," you know why? Because studies show that if you eat two or three apples a day over three months, can lower your cholesterol by 20 points. Think about that. Apples, simple apples. How? Pectin, pectin is known to reduce cholesterol.

Asparagus. Well asparagus is quite special, besides all these B vitamins, it also helps with circulation. So mops up the plaque, reduce the clogging, the clumping, and helps with circulation.

Basil. The fragrance from the herbs are due to volatile oils. These volatile compounds are very good because they expand the arteries, the blood vessels, so help you open and increase flow.

All right ladies, so now you know that all these simple things that you can do to ensure that you have good heart health and as well as living with a fulfilled and happy heart.

About Maoshing Ni Ph.D., D.O.M., L.Ac., A.B.A.A.H.P.:
Dr. Mao, as he prefers to be called, is a 38th generation doctor of Chinese medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist, a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology, and a Diplomat in Anti-Aging.
For over 20 years, Dr. Mao has been in general practice at Los Angeles, California’s Tao of Wellness, an acclaimed center for nutrition, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture, with special interest in immune, hormonal, and aging-related conditions. He is also the founder and Chancellor of the Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles that is considered the premiere school for Chinese medicine outside of China.

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