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What Are Breast Cancer Risk Factors? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)

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What Are Breast Cancer Risk Factors? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)
What Are Breast Cancer Risk Factors? - Dr. Mao (VIDEO)
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Dr. Maoshing Ni explains the breast cancer risk factors a woman should remove from her life.

Dr. Mao:
When upon arriving at this midlife, a lot of women are much more vulnerable to breakdowns and develop diseases like breast cancer. Much of the breast cancer in the US are due to estrogen receptor positive type which means that you have got too much estrogen. Where is all this estrogen coming from? Now keep in mind there is different types of estrogen molecules. Some are good estrogen molecules and some are not. The vital estrogens in foods like beans and legumes are the good ones. Those are the ones that protect a woman from breast cancer. The bad ones are much of the xenoestrogens or estrogen from the environment such as preservatives that you find in personal care items like parabens as an example, the various types of parabens. Pesticides and herbicides--they are estrogenic; they sort of mimic estrogen in the human body. Plastic, the fellates that they are used to produce plastic, the PCBs, they also stimulate and mimic estrogen in the body. So the list goes on and on.

The environmental assaults are tremendous. So what one needs to do is avoid the pesticide-laden type of foods. Try to buy organic whenever possible and avoid using personal care products, sun screen for example, that has the parabens and these chemicals in it. Then you can begin to lower your risk for conditions like breast cancer and finally stress. Stress is a huge, huge cause of breakdown in your immune system and thereby really subjecting you to increased risk for breast cancer as well. So learn to manage your stress effectively, the meditation I talked about in terms of the stress release meditation, I have that on a CD. People can download it. They can really help themselves to control and lower their risk for breast cancer.

Dr. Mao is a Licensed Acupuncturist, a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology and a Diplomat in Anti-Aging. He is currently in general practice with special interest in immune, hormonal and aging related conditions. He was awarded the Outstanding Acupuncturist of the Year Award in 1987. Dr. Mao along with Dr. Dao, his brother and father, founded Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, California. He is currently director and a professor of Chinese medicine at Yo San University. Dr. Mao is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the AOM ALLIANCE, American Society of Acupuncturist, the American Association of Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine and National certification Commission for Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Diplomat in Chinese Herbology.

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