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Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: Is This Common? - Dr. Podkameni

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Dr. David Podkameni shares if bariatric surgery to treat childhood obesity is common and explains how Banner Gateway Bariatric Center in Gilbert, Arizona is prepared to care for children who choose to undergo bariatric surgery.

Dr. Podkameni:
No, it’s not common and that’s one of the good things that we have about our program is that, because of our training, my training being initially in pediatric surgery as well, I think we are better equipped to serve those families and to serve those kids.

I think one of the important things is that having had the experience of treating kids, treating adolescents, having had the experience of having a pediatric fellowship in dealing with the families and knowing how to approach, not just the kids, but the family, I think putting the two together – the pediatric background plus the training in bariatric surgery, I think it gives you a much better approach, a much better outcome, a much better service to the family in general.

About Dr. David Podkameni, M.D.:
Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr. Podkameni started his general surgery training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York in 1996. He then returned to Brazil, where he became board certified in general and pediatric surgery. Dr. Podkameni finished his minimally invasive/laparoscopy training at the Cleveland Clinic in 2004. He serves as medical director of the Banner Gateway Bariatric Center. Dr. Podkameni specializes in Bariatric Surgery and General Surgery.

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