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Fibroids, Are They Preventable? - Dr. McLucas (VIDEO)

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Fibroids, Are They Preventable? - Dr. McLucas (VIDEO)
Fibroids, Are They Preventable? - Dr. McLucas (VIDEO)
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Dr. McLucas explains if uterine fibroids are preventable.

Dr. McLucas:
There’s an old joke about an internist who found a cure for fibroids, and on his way to the patent office, he was murdered by a bunch of gynecologists because it’s a very common way that we perform surgeries for women. Behind the joke is a wonderful idea that if there were a vaccine that we could give a woman, that would prevent 40% of the disease that they would have. That would be wonderful.

We just don’t know right now how to identify that woman who is going to have fibroids, so there’s nothing, there’s no diet that women can take. I have had patients come in who tried to avoid dairy products, and it just hasn’t worked. There is just no way you can prevent fibroids from growing, any more than you can prevent your cholesterol level from reaching what it probably would by your own heredity.

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