Dr. Bhoyrul introduces himself and explains why women should undergo bariatric surgery at a facility with a comprehensive weight management program.

Bariatric Surgery: Why Should Women Seek A Comprehensive Weight Management Program? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul discusses how LAP-BAND® bariatric surgery differs from cosmetic surgery and explains if bariatric surgery will affect a woman’s comorbid conditions.

LAP-BAND® Surgery: How Does This Differ From Cosmetic Surgery? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul shares why obesity is an illness and describes the medical conditions associated with obesity.

Obesity: Why Is This Considered An Illness? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul describes the ideal LAP-BAND® bariatric surgery candidate. He also shares how a woman can prepare for LAP-BAND® surgery and discusses whether she will be in pain after the procedure.

LAP-BAND® Surgery: Who Is An Ideal Candidate? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul explains how long LAP-BAND® bariatric surgery takes and discusses what women will eat after the procedure. He also shares how often a woman will need adjustments to her LAP-BAND® device.

LAP-BAND® Surgery Procedure: How Long Does It Take? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul shares a memorable LAP-BAND® bariatric surgery patient success story.

LAP-BAND® Surgery: Can You Share A Patient Success Story? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul shares the factors that lead to successful weight loss with bariatric surgery and discusses how a woman can determine which bariatric surgery procedure is best for her.

Bariatric Surgery: Which Factors Affect Successful Weight Loss? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)

Dr. Bhoyrul explains why follow-up with the surgeon after a bariatric procedure is necessary for weight loss success.

Bariatric Surgery: Why Is Postoperative Follow-Up Essential For Weight Loss? - Dr. Bhoyrul (VIDEO)