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Sleep Self-Help Tips - Dr. Brazinsky (VIDEO)

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Dr. Brazinsky explains some great sleep self-help tips she shares with her patients.

Dr. Brazinsky:
We call it sleep hygiene, the self-help tips for sleeping, and these are predominantly meant for insomnia and general health, and the idea is pretty simple, you don’t want to go to bed with a full head full of your daily problems and you don’t want to sit there and watch television and read a book and anything that’s going to get your mind raving at bed time.

So we tell people no heavy meals before dinner, no alcohol or sedating medications if you have sleep apnea because it worsens it, and then go to bed, try to get to bed at the same time every night if possible and even if you want to go into bed late or early one night, try to get up the same time every day and to get into a positive sleep cycle. Do relaxing things before bed time.

Heavy duty exercise is wonderful but not before bed time, it gives you that adrenalin rush and doesn’t lets you get asleep, non-caffeinated beverages close to bed time, just kind of things your grandmother would have told you. Don’t go swimming with a full stomach and don’t go to bed with a caffeinated beverage.

About Dr. Shari Brazinsky, M.D.:
Dr. Shari Anne Brazinsky is a pulmonary critical care physician at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, California as a member of the Pulmonary Medicine and Infectious Disease Medical Group. She was named one of San Diego’s 2008 top pulmonary disease doctors for the third time by San Diego Magazine.

Visit Dr. Brazinsky at Alvarado Hospital

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