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What Is The Latest Research On Nasal And Sinus Problems? - Dr. Weeks (VIDEO)

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Dr. Weeks shares the latest research on nasal and sinus problems.

Dr. Weeks:
The latest research in sinonasal disorders or nose and sinus problems really revolves around understanding the way the sinuses work and what newer therapies we might be able to add to effectively treat these conditions.

I think a lot of our research that’s being done now is focused on, again, the minimally invasive side of treating these problems. What ways can we deliver medications into the nose and in an effective manner; what conditions are we treating that might be affected by at a cellular or genetic level that we can alter by modifying the gene or modifying the underlying cell-structure.

One of the things I think is most exciting is the potential ability to deliver medications into the nose and sinuses via a draining stent or implant system. Those things are being worked on right now in the research lab. We are using these types of devices in controlled studies and we are understanding their effectiveness in patients as we speak, and exciting new technologies are going to be available, just as they are currently in cardiology where stents can be placed in the coronary arteries that release drugs to keep them from blocking. It’s not going to be too much longer until we are able to do that within the nasal cavity and in fact, we can already put stents in the sinuses that drain or elute substances over time.

About Dr. Weeks, M.D.:
Dr. Brian Weeks specializes in diseases of the ear, nose, throat, as well as tumors of the head and neck region, including thyroid, parathyroid, and skull base tumors. He has advanced specialty training in endoscopic sinus surgery, and is a national/international leader in balloon sinuplasty surgery. Additionally, Dr. Weeks has expertise in minimally invasive surgeries of the head and neck, as well as head and neck reconstruction. His role in reconstruction of the head and neck includes management of skin cancers, facial defects and blemishes, and cosmetic imperfections. He also provides extensive knowledge in skin care, facial peels, and facial care products.

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