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HER Health Minute - Twitter Mood Study

By EmpowHER
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HER Health Minute - Twitter Mood Study
HER Health Minute - Twitter Mood Study
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In this edition of EmpowHER's, "HER Health Minute", Michelle King Robson discusses a study that indicates how Twitter can be used to predict people's mood.

Hi, I am Michelle King Robson, the Voice of Women’s Health and this is HER Health Minute.

It’s no secret that Twitter has millions of users. Now scientists are using the powerful social networking site to crack the world’s mood swings.

Over a two-year period Cornell University researchers moderate the tweets of more than two million people in 84 countries. They discovered that most people wake up in a good mood but as the work day progresses, that mood sours.

Positive tweets picked early in the morning and around midnight as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. The research suggesting that mood maybe shaped by work-related stress.

Tips for staying in a good mood and managing stress at work include getting organized, developing friendships and making your office space you are on.

This has been another HER Health Minute. I am Michelle King Robson, the Voice of Women’s Health, and remember – change begins with you.

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