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Naturopathic Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Part 1

By HERWriter
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Preparing for my first naturopathic appointment was an ordeal.

This preparation began weeks before my actual appointment. I had a dozen pages of information to fill out. I could only spend 10 minutes at a time on them.

By the end of those 10 minutes, I would be panting, with a seized-up, squirming, pulsating brain, my hand no longer able to manipulate a pen, arms tingling with fireworks from this ... exertion. (sigh)

Oftentimes I would go to bed for the rest of the day while my body and brain settled back down from their shattered state.

I was looking forward to / not looking forward to this appointment. I had met Dr. Kelly Upcott before.

She had been accepting of my bizarre description of my symptoms. Patient as I fumbled for words, as I sat dumbly trying to connect my fractured thinking, as we both waited for the startled and scattered flock of thoughts to settle. And I would haltingly continue my litany of limitations.

She was optimistic for me, where I was not for myself, confident that healing was most certainly possible in my future.

I wanted to see her again, but I was also overwhelmed at the enormity of the physical and mental work it would require, to get there, participate as fully as I could, and get back home.

The day of my appointment, my husband Alan drove me to Dr. Upcott's office. I fumbled my way into the lobby, to the desk, and let them know I was there. I found my way to a chair, sat with eyes closed and tried to breathe my way to some homeostasis (didn't work).

In her office I asked for something for the arms of my chair to buffer my elbows. Both arms were sore, especially my right one. I'd had severe tendonitis for seven months.

She gave me pillows for my punky elbows and that helped. Her easy, accepting manner soothed me. I tried to settle myself, relax and pay attention as our appointment began.

[End of Part 1]



I spent 15 years losing the battle against CFS. Two years ago, I found treatment that worked for me, and now I am making a comeback.

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Hi Mera

A laser pointed at the top of her head, huh? That is a new one on me.:-)

But my chiropractor from 15 years or so back used to do some things with instruments I'd never heard of before. He had one machine that looked like a giant metal box on wheels with a plastic cone in the front that pointed to the side. He pointed the cone at my sore shoulder and had me sit reading a magazine for 10 or 20 minutes. I didn't even have to take my coat off.

I didn't feel anything, it didn't make any sound, nothing lit up, it just sat there looking like some get-up from the original Star Trek series or a bad sci-fi movie.

But after 3 treatments of that in the next week, my shoulder started to feel better.

They are able to accomplish amazing things with lasers these days. Not my area of expertise but if she said it worked ... maybe it did. :-)

My naturopath said recently that about 2 yrs for me with the type of symptoms I had, was about the average estimated time frame for recovery. I said, it's already 2 yrs, and she said, yes, but there have been times when I couldn't afford some of the supplements and couldn't afford to eat the healthy diet I needed, and that slowed things down.

And for that matter, now at 2 yrs and a few months I am definitely healthier than I've been in over 7 years, and maybe in over 10 and really believe now I will completely recover.

Many people are cynical about alternative medicine, and that was apparently on her mind when she talked with you. Many people would laugh if I told them that this condition that most doctors are stumped by might be cured by things like diet, omega3 oil, and reishi mushroom tinctures, with a little dry-skin brushing thrown in.

But their cynicism doesn't change what works.

I hope that worked for her will work for many, many other people as well. :-) And that alternative medicine continues to make inroads into the mainstream culture. There are so many sick people who would benefit.

June 18, 2009 - 11:50am
EmpowHER Guest


I met an older lady at my hair salon who, rumor has it, USED to have CFS. She said her doctor was "a chiropractor that went far beyond moving bones." I was asking her questions about his techniques, but she kept skirting around my direct question. Telling me to give him a try for my FM. Apparently, she was afraid people would think she's crazy for having such a wierd thing done to her. Maybe she felt it was unlikely to work.

I've had many types of laser used on my skin that went below the skin to the muscles, at varying depths. I shared that with her and she Finally began to "spit it out".
She went to his office and had a laser pointed at the top of her head. She was told that it would bring out toxins. And she was given suppliments. She had many hard days because of the cleansing effects. All told, she was done in about 1 year.

She now has a full time job. Has anyone heard about this?


June 18, 2009 - 10:45am
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