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Michelle Shares If Insomnia Medication Was Helpful (VIDEO)

By Expert HERWriter
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EmpowHER's founder Michelle King Robson explains if the medication she took for insomnia was helpful.

Michelle King Robson:
In the end, it really didn’t help me; in fact, it hurt me. I took the medication for about two years, and in the two-year span, I had so many different things happen to me, neurologically, psychologically – you name it, I had experienced it.

And I had no idea the symptoms that came along with the drug, and that is something that you really need to pay close attention to because there were certain things that happened to me, that I was sleepwalking in the middle of the night. I was dyeing my eyelashes in the middle of the night, not knowing this, and waking up in the morning and my eyes were just black as could be. And they were stinging, and my husband looked at me and said, “Oh my gosh! What did you do?” And I had no idea. I had no recollection of going into the other room and dyeing my eyelashes, and there was black everywhere. It was on my hands; it was on the counter. That was one instance.

I mean, there were many of those, and a lot of people will take drugs like this, and they will actually get up in the middle of the night and they will go eat, and they don’t realize. They see the bag of potato chips out on the table the next morning and they are like, “Where did that come from?” And they don’t realize that it was them and they had gotten up in the middle of the night, had something to eat and then gone back to bed.

So, those are a lot of telltale symptoms of a drug that is not good for you, and those are some of the side effects of some of the sleep medications. You have to be so careful. I cannot tell you.

How I finally got my sleep under control was I took the bottle of pills that I had, and I went to Europe, and I threw them out overboard. And I put them in the water, and they were gone. And that was the only way I could get myself back into balance, and it literally took about two days for me to start to feel like a brand new person. It was amazing.

I had had this black cloud over me for so long, and at about 4 o’clock I would hit a wall, and that was it. I was done for the rest of the day and the rest of the evening, and I couldn’t wait to take my next medication, to my next pill to go to sleep again, and it was this horrible cycle that I got into. So I needed to leave my environment; I needed to get rid of the medication so I couldn’t have access to it, and then I just needed to do things differently, and yes, I didn’t sleep for a few days.

I mean, it took me, quite frankly, it took me several weeks to get my sleep cycle back, but I did. But I will tell you one thing – I got my life back. I got my mental stability back. I got my physical stability back. It was amazing how I didn’t know what effects the drug were having on me. And my husband said to me when I threw these pills in the water, he said, “Thank God, I might get my wife back now.” And I had no idea that he had thought this way. He never said anything to me, but that was pretty telling, and so it’s really, really important that you look again at the core problem of why you can’t sleep instead of always taking a pill to make you feel better.

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