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Do Patients Usually Know Which Color Veneers They Want? - Jason J. Kim (VIDEO)

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Do Patients Usually Know Which Color Veneers They Want? - Jason J. Kim (VIDEO)
Do Patients Usually Know Which Color Veneers They Want? - Jason J. Kim (VIDEO)
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Master ceramist Jason J. Kim describes if a patient usually knows which color veneers she wants.

Jason J. Kim, C.D.T.:
Oh they do, believe it or not, because that they, they have it in a way that because, you know, they, they are having their red hair or they have, because they have a, this kind of skin, you know, olives or whatever the skin that is.

They say, “I think that my color of the teeth, they cannot have too gray or too translucent then it’s going to be look gray.” Or, you know, they have a lot of some of the expressions like that. And then some of people that they have, you know, like a lip augmentations and, or some of the procedures done. What happens is that when their teeth, when they smile because of the thickness of the lip, it gives a slight shadow to the teeth.

So when it gets the shadow, what it means is if the quality of the ceramic has too much translucency it turns gray quickly in the mouth. So, you know, for ceramics, it’s something like I have to boost up the little value which is brightness. I have to build underneath so it wouldn’t turn like that quickly.

So there’s a lot of quality of the ceramics that has to be communicated to the very specific individuals, believe it or not.

About Jason J. Kim, C.D.T.:
Jason J. Kim has been developing groundbreaking techniques in dental ceramics for more than two decades. From 1994 to 1997, he studied under Master Ceramist Willi Geller, founder of the world-renowned International Foundation for Oral Design. Jason is the owner of Oral Design New York.

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