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Your Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Skin

Adult acne is a skin condition older women hope not to have. However, according to a study of 2895 women from Massachusetts General Hospital, “45% of women aged 21–30, 26% aged 31–40, and 12% ...

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If work has been chaotic or some disaster, like the death of a family member, has happened recently, don’t be too surprised if your face starts to break out shortly after the fact. Stress is an ...

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How to Combat Acne During Pregnancy

If you already suffer from acne you may find it gets worse once you are pregnant. This is because of the changing hormones associated with pregnancy. In fact, even if you’ve never had acne, you ...

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Is it Dandruff or a Dry Scalp?

During changes in season, our skin and scalp may develop dryness. Dryness of the scalp can cause shedding of skin flakes but you may wonder if it is just dry skin or dandruff flakes falling from ...

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fall skincare

The fall season this year has been a little wild. California and Florida have still been experiencing 100 degree days, while Denver has reported early snow. It's like Mother Nature can't quite ...

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higher SPF

It might seem logical that if you're looking for maximum protection from the sun's damaging rays, you'll look for the SPF with the highest possible number. But somewhere along the spectrum, ...

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