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Is That Morning Commute Affecting Your Health? - HER Daily Dose

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Is that morning commute affection your health? Bailey Mosier asks the question, "How much healthier would you be without a commute to work?" Check out the video to figure out the answer.

Hi, I’m Bailey Mosier. This is your EmpowHER HER Daily Dose.
In the United States, the average daily work commute is 25.1 minutes, according to 2009 government census data. But what if we didn’t spend that time commuting? How much healthier would our lives be?

Brown University researchers analyzed 24,861 people and found that spending an hour every day commuting – a half-hour commute there and back – means that the average person gets 30.6 percent less time for sleep, 16.1 percent less time for exercise, 5.8 percent less time to eat with the family and 4.1 percent less time to prepare food – all healthy behaviors. The researchers found that more than one in 10 people who had a full-time job spends two or more hours commuting to work.

People should recognize that long commutes may cut into time that could otherwise be spent on healthy activities, potentially leading to adverse health impacts. If possible, consider telecommuting, walking or cycling to work, or even parking farther away from the office entrance to get some additional physical activity.

That wraps up your EmpowHER HER Daily Dose. Join me here at EmpowHER.com every weekday for your next dose of women’s health.

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