Doctor confirmed my pain is arthritis and i do not know what to do. The medicine I have been on is not helping that is why i went back and had him run more tests. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Testosterone is often called a “male” hormone. Some people mistakenly believe only men have testosterone. In reality, testosterone is an important hormone needed for the sexual health and ...

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Glucosamine is the best joint pain supplement, it is natural and effective supplement for reducing joint inflammation.

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Hi, I'm Helimarie! I just joined this group and would like to communicate with people who suffer from Arthritis, in general! I have pain from OSTEOARTHRITIS ranging ...

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Hi! I read someplace that Combining Cinnamon and Honey and spreading it on your toast, instead of butter, is helpful for Arthritis and high Blood Pressure! True or not?

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I have only been to my General Practicioner, and she does not want to give me a referral for this painful bump on my joint. I have been given Voltaren for pain. I am wondering if there is ...

I have a hard knot that in painful on the joint closest to the nail on my left hand middle finger.