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When Is A Thyroidectomy Recommended? - Dr. Terris (VIDEO)

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When Is A Thyroidectomy Recommended? - Dr. Terris (VIDEO)
When Is A Thyroidectomy Recommended? - Dr. Terris (VIDEO)
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Dr. Terris shares when a thryoidectomy would be recommended to a patient.

Dr. Terris:
A thyroidectomy may be necessary for a number of different conditions. Certainly, cancer would be one typical requirement for a thyroidectomy, an enlarged gland that’s causing problems. So if it’s compressing the throat and causing trouble swallowing or breathing, that would be a condition where we would likely remove it.

Or if you’ve got a large nodule and you can’t tell if it’s malignant or not, that would be another condition. Occasionally, cysts that keep coming back, we would do surgery to prevent those from coming back. Graves' disease, which is an overactive thyroid, occasionally lends itself to thyroidectomy. Those are the typical scenarios.

About Dr. David Terris, M.D.:
Dr. David J. Terris is a Professor, Department Chair and Porubsky Distinguished Chair in the Otolaryngology Department at the Medical College of Georgia. He graduated with his B.A. from Cornell University and his medical doctorate from Duke University Medical School.

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