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How Should I Tape A Sprained Ankle? - WNBA Phoenix Mercury Athletic Trainer

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Phoenix Mercury athletic trainer Tamara Poole illustrates how she tapes an ankle after a sprain.

As a head athletic trainer for the Phoenix Mercury I tape a lot of ankles. Ankle sprains probably is number one thing I deal with.

I am going to show you how to tape. First we put those little guys on so that we don’t burn or tape cut the ankle. Then we put some pre-wrap on so that we don’t take off our skin.

If the ankle is really, really bad, none of these go on, the tape goes straight to the skin.

But as Tangela has no ankle problems we tape. Toe up. We tape in the neutral position because that’s what you are like when you are standing and running.

Now if you have not mastered on how to tape an ankle, the next best thing is an ankle brace.

Usually you can find that like at Big Five sporting goods type store. The thing on the ankles brace is that you need to measure around your ankle to decide what size of ankle brace you need.

About Tamara:
A veteran of athletic training and sports medicine in women’s professional sports, Tamara Poole is the Phoenix Mercury’s Head Athletic Trainer. Just the second head trainer in Mercury history, Poole acts as a medical liaison with the team’s medical and organizational staff, focusing on injury prevention and management.

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