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Susan Cody: University of Michigan Study - Having a Husband Causes 7 More Hours of Weekly Housework

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Nope - no man-bashing here!

A new study from the University of Michigan found that the average woman with 3 or more children (um, yeah, that would be me) does an average of 28 hours of housework a week (again, that would be me) that does not include regular childcare.

And having a husband causes an additional 7 hours of weekly housework for women. See? You boys are a lot of work!

And men (don't worry Todd, you guys are getting much better!) do an average of 10 hours per week. At the risk of my husband reading this - in no way, shape or form does he clock in 10 hours per week of housework. 10 hours per month is more correct.

To give my husband his due, he works 60 hours per week, Monday- Friday. That's a lot for anyone. To give me my due, I care for our children 60 hours a week Monday-Friday and also work from home about 25 hours a week. My husband is wonderful with the kids on weekends. So am I but the housework is pretty much my domain. Why? I'm not sure. He hates to do it and is not fussy. I am a minimalistic clean-freak who wants her home spotless. I think a tornado would have to blow through our home for my husband to think "hmmm, might need to do a little cleaning here...". It bothers me that a mess doesn't bother him. And it bothers him that a mess bothers me way more than what may be considered normal!

Yet we manage to be happy. Some things are just not worth a constant fight.

But men are chipping in more. And where they are really coming through is childcare. Men are much better than even 20 years ago at bathing, diapering, playing, helping with homework and generally being pretty darn good all-round Dads. The days of Dad coming home and giving a cursory greeting to the kids before they go to bed are over. And not before time!

Now if only they'd throw the diaper away after changing it instead of leaving it open, in all it's rotten glory, marinating on the floor like some untouchable experiment...

Interestingly, boyfriends do more housework than husbands. Pity we can't have both boyfriend AND husband but I think that rather complicates a marriage, no?

Tell us your story-
Who does more around the house? You or your partner? Do you resent doing more? Is it fair? Maybe HE does more! How can we go about evening out the playing field?

For more on the study, click here

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