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Headquarters GoodTherapy.org 200 West 34th Avenue, Suite 501 Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Regional Office GoodTherapy.org 2627 Parkmont Lane SW, Suite 102 Olympia, WA 98502

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Recognized as one of the world’s leading psychotherapy resources for therapists and people seeking therapy, GoodTherapy.org is an international network of mental health professionals with a common goal: to educate and advocate for healthy and ethical psychotherapy. Founded by Noah Rubinstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist, GoodTherapy.org was born out of a deep desire to reduce harmful therapeutic practices and prevent mental health professionals from abusing their position of authority and expertise. GoodTherapy.org encourages therapists to uphold their professional obligations to their clients rather than compromising the care they provide in order to meet their own emotional needs. Clients who visit GoodTherapy.org can learn the signs of harmful therapy and find the resources necessary to seek out a mental health professional who will guide them on the journey of recovery in an ethical and honest way. GoodTherapy.org was first launched in 2007 with over 1.5 million therapist searches each month. The GoodTherapy.org Network is aligned with several distinguished partners in the medical, mental health and marketing fields, which allows us to touch nearly seven million lives on a monthly basis. The therapists that subscribe to GoodTherapy.org must meet stringent licensure, educational and philosophical requirements. Each applicant is personally screened by a member of the staff to ensure compliance with not only professional guidelines, but moral and ethical goals as well. GoodTherapy.org is committed to transforming and empowering every individual struggling with mental health issues in a positive and affirming way. GoodTherapy.org is a vehicle for social change within the mental health field, fueled by educational advancement, professional collaboration and ethical advocacy.