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1313 E. Osborn Rd., Ste. 200
Phoenix, AZ 85014
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310 S. Williams Blvd., Ste. 150
Tucson, AZ 85711
Albuquerque, NM
5801 Osuna Rd. NE, Ste. A-108
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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(602) 212-9900 or (800) 477-7679
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Arthritis Foundation Greater Southwest Chapter

The Arthritis Foundation provides leadership in the prevention, control, and cure of arthritis and related diseases for 46 million Americans, including 300,000 children. Through the areas of advocacy, public health, and research, we provide: a strong public policy voice in the halls of congress, information and services such as exercise classes, educational seminars and programs for kids with juvenile arthritis, and finally supporting research that will lead the way for a cure.

The Greater Southwest Chapter includes Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. It is the only nonprofit voluntary health association seeking the cause, prevention, and cure for all types of arthritis. Services include funding for research,
patient and community programs, and public and professional education

Formed in 1948 in Tucson, Arizona, the Foundation has experienced steady growth and has made great strides in the treatment of the 100+ forms of arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation Greater Southwest Chapter has a 60 year history of helping people with arthritis.

Within the Great Southwest Chapter alone, 1,513,000 people are affected by arthritis and related diseases, including 8,000 children. Nationally, by 2030 the Center for Disease Control estimates that the prevalence of arthritis in the United States is projected to increase by 46% to 67 million.

The Greater Southwest Chapter ranks first in donating to research at a national level land fourth in raising money. Based on our chapter’s 2009 audit, 82 cents of every dollar goes directly toward research, public health, professional education & training, and patient & community services.

Nationally, the Arthritis Foundation has funded more than 2200 researchers with grants totaling over $400 million dollars. In 2007, the Arthritis Foundation funded nearly $14 million in peer reviewed research grants.

Programs in our Adult Services include: the Living Well with Arthritis EXPO, Advocacy Programs, the Life Improvement Series of Aquatic, Exercise, Self-Help, and Tai Chi classes, the Arthritis Foundation - Greater Southwest Chapter Winterhoff scholarship for students with rheumatic diseases, the Barbara Pierce-Nord Fund for Assistive Equipment, numerous informational brochures and materials, Live & Learn Series of Educational Seminars, and more.

Our Youth Services include: Camp Cruz Residential Camp, Camp ILA (Imagine Life without Arthritis) Family Retreat, the Rose and Harry Papp Zoo Day, and more.

Call now to fight arthritis pain today! – 602-212-9900 or (800)-477-7679
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