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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Pregnancy

By EmpowHER

Being pregnant can be both an exciting and overwhelming time. In addition to thinking about names, nurseries and determining parenting styles, mothers also need to think about how they can keep their child healthy in the womb as well as keeping themselves healthy.

It’s important to arrive to your first visit with your gynecologist with some basic information such as birth control history, medications, any allergies to medications and date of your last period, according to americanpregnancy.org. But communication is a two-way street and you’ll need to ask your doctors some important questions.

A list of recommended questions from Americanpregnancy.org and kidshealth.org include:

What are foods that I should eat or avoid while pregnant?

What tests should I expect over the next nine months and what are they measuring?

What are some of the less-than-pleasant symptoms of being pregnant?

How can ease these symptoms?

How can I prevent a miscarriage?

Is there a nurse available that I can call if I have questions?

When is it a good idea to consider a Caesarian?

What are your feelings about natural childbirth?

Can I exercise while pregnant?

Can I travel while pregnant?

What do you consider an emergency?

Also, because you may be processing information rapidly, it may be helpful to take notes, take a recorder or take a friend. And it may not be a bad idea to develop a birth plan, which isn’t necessarily a to-the-letter plan, but rather a guideline for your doctor and perhaps your family to follow. You can never be too prepared for one of the biggest events of your life. ]]> ]]>americanpregnancy.org ]]>childbirth.org]]>



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