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Are You Pregnant? 5 Signs That Can Occur Before You Miss A Period

By HERWriter Blogger
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Are You Pregnant? 5 SignsThat Occur Before You Miss A Period Alena Ozerova/PhotoSpin

Am I pregnant? Am I not? This question is being asked every day by women all over the world.

For many women, the first missed period makes them question their pregnancy status. For others, especially those who are actively trying to conceive, it can be almost like torture to wait until there is a missed period to take a pregnancy test.

Though a blood test in the doctor’s office and a urine test taken at home after a missed period is the most accurate way of predicting if you are pregnant, there might be some early signs to look out for.

Five Pregnancy Signs That Can Happen Before You Miss A Period

1) Fatigue

The extra progesterone in early pregnancy can cause even the most energetic people to want to nap all day. If you suddenly can’t keep your eyes open and are extra fatigued, you might be pregnant .

2) Tender breasts

The rising levels of progesterone can also be responsible for sore breasts that are full, heavy and tender. Retaining extra water during pregnancy can cause you to feel bloated throughout your body, but especially in your breasts.

3) Sensitivity to smells

If you find yourself being disgusted by a certain food group or totally turned off by a smell that never bothered you before, then pregnancy hormones might be in play. Try to avoid any extreme smells if you can.

4) Nausea

Typically, nausea doesn't start until around week 7 in pregnancy, but a general queasiness can begin right away. Be sure to stay hydrated. Eating protein can also help with that sick-to-your-stomach feeling.

5) Cramping with or without light bleeding

One of the first physical symptoms of implantation of a fertilized egg is light bleeding. Itcan be associated with light cramping. You might think this is your period coming (and it could be) but it might also be the beginning of pregnancy.

It is important to note that you could have all these symptoms and NOT be pregnant. Likewise, you could have none of these symptoms, yet still be pregnant.

Pregnancy changes are a caused by an increase in hormones in the woman’s body, specifically estrogen, progesterone and HCG. Those hormones affect everyone in unique ways.

No two pregnant women are the same. No two pregnancies are the same. Pregnancy hormones can cause different symptoms in different women. One woman might even have totally different symptoms in each of her pregnancies.

However, if you are looking for some signs that a little one might be on the way, or that you get to have more fun “trying”, then these five early pregnancy symptoms might just help you out.


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Reviewed May 21, 2015
by Michele Blacksberg RN
Edited by Jody Smith

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