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You Don’t Need Cupid to Love Yourself

By HERWriter
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It can be hard to stay positive in life, but it doesn’t have to be hard to stay positive with you. Too often women are overly hard on themselves, leading to high stress or unhappy circumstances.

The good news is you don't need Cupid or a significant other to feel love, all you need is you. 

Here are 10 small and easy ways to start loving yourself a little more everyday. Take the extra five minutes and give yourself back that happy mindset that sometimes goes missing. 


1) Embrace Your Surroundings

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Don’t let yourself fall into a rut. Whether you're at the office, stuck at home, or out running errands, the same surroundings can get redundant and a little depressing.

Instead of letting yourself get bored and unhappy, STOP. Go outside and take a deep breath.

Look around you and say three things to yourself that you like about today. It only takes a few seconds to appreciate a beautiful blue sky or some fresh air.


2) Don’t Be too Hard on Yourself


Instead of thinking how you could be prettier or skinnier, think of how you already are beautiful or happy with your body.

Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a compliment. Remember, other people always see you as more beautiful than you see yourself. Try and see what they see. 


3) Drop the Jealousy

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There will always be someone who you think is more beautiful, or smarter, or skinnier, or funnier.

You can compare just about anything, it's not worth it to compete.  Jealousy only brings you down and makes you forget what you already have and should be proud of. 

Next time you get jealous of someone's appearance, smarts, etc. remember how amazing you are. 


4) Five Minutes of YOU Time in the Morning

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When your alarm goes off in the morning don’t look at the clock and hit snooze. Actually, set your alarm for five minutes earlier, get out of bed and use that time for you.

Put the cell phone aside, it will still be there in a few minutes.

Take the extra couple of minutes to do something that makes you happy or calm. Maybe make a good breakfast, step outside and breathe in the morning. Or simply sit up and use that extra time to stretch.  


5) Find the Silver Lining in Your Day

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Not every day is going to be perfect, but every day will have something perfect about it.

Take a second to remember why you are doing what you do. Reaffirm yourself of those goals you set or are working towards.

Remind yourself of what you want and why it’s important to you. 


6) Inspire yourself 

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You don’t have to be an artist to find your inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere and it wants you to find it.

Go online and look up inspiring quotes. Find something that resonates with you, that makes you happy, and that encourages you. Use that as your motivation and go back to it throughout the day.

Give yourself that extra boost of encouragement. 


7) Try Something New


Expanding your horizons can be done in small ways any day. Trying new things can be easy, you don’t have to break the bank or travel to a new country.

Download a Word-a-Day calendar and enhance your vocabulary. Better yet, download a language app and start working your way toward learning a new language in a phrase a day. 


8) Learn to Laugh

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Nothing has to be funny to laugh, and it’s a simple way to put a smile on your own face.

Look at yourself in the mirror and start laughing for 30 seconds. You might feel ridiculous at first but a few seconds in and that laugh will be genuine. Laughing at yourself is important to keeping a balanced head.

At the end of the day were all human, mistakes are natural and being able to scoff off mistakes will go a long way in your peace of mind. 


9) Treat Yourself

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Treats aren’t just for pets anymore. Rewarding yourself is an important part of loving yourself. Giving yourself some acknowledgement for the good things can be a great incentive to keep doing them.

Whether it’s something little like a candy bar or new nail polish, or something bigger, like that new top you saw. Pampering you is one thing you won’t feel guilty for. 


10) Set a Reminder

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Don’t let yourself forget. Set an alarm that goes off once daily on your phone.

Change the title to something that encourages you, make it say, “You are amazing,” or, “You can do this.” It is a little message that packs a powerful punch. 

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