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Dating Violence – Teens and Prevention!

By April 10, 2011 - 2:26pm

Violence against women is a topic in which I have a very strong interest. From 1995 until 2007, when I moved from Cincinnati, I was actively involved with Women Helping Women, which serves Southwestern Ohio as a unique provider of crisis intervention and support services for direct and indirect victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. I was a board member and also served as board chair for a few years during that time. Below is a link to its website where you can find detailed information on the topic as well as links to supportive national networks to direct you to local help.


The reason I mention my involvement is because I want anyone reading my blog to know that I truly have a serious commitment to ending violence against women, not only in Cincinnati, but globally. So does Tampax and Always.

Lately, there has been coverage in the media with Ashley Judd talking about her own life-altering experience with sexual abuse. Glad she was courageous enough to share what happened with her, as there are so many women who can identify with her story and know that they are not alone. Importantly, they are NOT at fault. I blogged a while back that women tend to blame themselves for everything. Not all women, but it tends to be a female trait. Blaming ones self after having experienced an unwanted sexual encounter delays healing and moving from having been a victim to being a survivor.

There is a lot to this topic, as abuse can happen with any age group, both genders and no matter how much or little money one has. Within this blog, I will focus on teens and prevention. However, the articles that I will be linking to are appropriate for women or men regardless of age. In fact, when I was reviewing the articles again, I thought of a middle-aged friend of mine who was in a totally abusive relationship. She could benefit from reading the articles and, believe me, she WILL see them because I will send them to her. Of course, I will then reconnect so that we can talk about it.

So, how can we help our daughters - and sons - avoid being in an abusive relationship?? EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION! Beinggirl.com is a great place to find helpful content to share with your teen on dating violence. The article that I have linked to below includes information about the types of abuse that can happen and the cycle of violence. At the bottom of the article there are links to several other articles, one on dating violence experiences, a key article on escaping abusive relationships and a third article on relationships.

Tampax and Always are brands that are in the unique position to provide helpful information to women and teens on a variety of topics through their online presence. I am proud to be associated with Brands that understand the importance of prevention, related to sexual assault and dating violence, and provide information to help break the cycle of violence. I hope you choose to read these and share with your teens, friends or anyone you believe could benefit.


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