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Newly Diagnosed

By November 3, 2010 - 8:11am

Hi. I was diagnosed two months ago with RA in both knees. I was not surprised as I have experienced knee pain and cracking noise for years. I have noticed that since being diagnosed, fatigue is getting to be a common occurance. I am physically active. I was a Curves members for over four years and am now a member of Planet Fitness, plus I take two Zumba classes a week. What I would like to ask the group is has anyone experienced what feels like a complete energy drain that seems to come out of nowhere and what techniques or strategies do you find helpful to cope. Currently, my RA is moderate and my primary care physician has advised me to simply take NSAIDs like Advil. Also, I'm wondering if any of you have noticed a mental dimension to this disease. At just about age 50, I am menapausal and I also live with bipolar disorder, which I am proud and grateful to say is very well managed. Anyway, I would appreciate any insights you can share.

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This group is to share information and support for those affected by rheumatoid arthritis.


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