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How to prepare for the GGT test?

By March 25, 2018 - 1:08pm

The gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) is a blood test for the measurement of the level of enzyme in the blood. It is a substance in the blood that helps to create chemical reactions. The GGT test is needed to understand the proper conditions of the Liver. The abnormality of the level of GGT is a subject of great concern. When your doctor thinks that the condition of your liver is not good, he can prescribe a GGT test. On the other hand, GGT test also helps to differentiate between bone disease and liver disease. To go through the test you must follow some instructions and today we are going to discuss it.

Preparation for the GGT test
There is no need to mention the necessity of our one of the most important body organ, liver. So the test must be effective and accurate. And for this, doctors give some instructions to follow.
At least eight hours prior starvation is required for this test. You have to avoid everything without water. Alcohol elimination is a must before the GGT test. Alcohol can change the test result. Phenytoin, phenobarbital and fami-pills may need to avoid. You may also be asked to stop taking medicine.

How do you feel during the test?
Nothing to fear about the test. It will be done in a few minutes. Your blood sample will be taken from your arms. If you are afraid of injections, it will become a matter to you. Actually, you may feel nothing without a sting or a prick.

When you need the test?
When you have symptoms of a liver or bile duct disorder, a doctor will prescribe you the test to know the current condition of your enzyme level. You can also be prescribed the test when you have an increased ALP level. Doctors need to realize the enzyme level to give a perfect health solution.

Is it risky?
There is a few risks while testing. You may bleed from the place where the needle is placed. Blood collecting process may become difficult in some cases. Getting veins and arteries is troublesome because sometimes it is hard to mark.

Some bad habits like taking alcohol, smoking can damage liver functions that is the most valuable part of human body. The liver plays an important role in metabolizing. Many critical conditions may occur if liver is damaged. So, it is wise to take care of this valuable part before the critical periods. You have to change your life style if it is needed. When you feel any kind of symptoms related to liver, consult a doctor so that he can go through the treatment procedures. In the need of GGT test you should not neglect and follow the instruction seriously.

As a health conscious person, you need to focus on your diet and weight. Proper weight helps to lead a healthy life.

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