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HCG diet: is it safe and effective?

By February 28, 2018 - 10:49am

Do you want to lose your weight without exercise? Of course, you do. But is there any way to do that? Yes, there is. It is HCG diet plan. Go to simple 30 days diet without exercise and you will lose 30 pounds. But you have to take a dose of HCG hormone dose through injection or oral.

HCG hormone is generally produced in naturally by pregnant women. This hormone is used to treat women’s’ fertility issues. But doctors are not sure about its long-term effects. And this hormone is not approved by FDA. So now the question is, is HCG diet safe and effective?
Well, in this article I will try to explain with the help of dietsinreview.com.

First, talk about its safety. You have already known that it is not approved. In addition, it has serious side effects. A lot of customers complain that they have a serious headache, their blood pressure shot up, their skin flushed. They feel dizziness, weakness and nauseated too on a regular basis.

Not only are the side effects, but most unsafely thing its diet plan. You can only eat 500 calories a day whereas a normal active need at least 2000 calories per day. People lose weight for this extreme low-calorie diet. And guess what, they lose their muscle as well as necessary nutrition. And after 30 days, the need to consume a huge amount of caloric in order to refill their caloric. Experts say it is irresponsible, reckless, and completely irrational.

Now let’s talk about the effectiveness of HCG diet plan. There is no scientific proof that it works. But many people say they see the benefit of this diet plan. What they don’t know is, they have lost weight because of that 500 calorie diet plan. But without exercise and eating proper diet no weight loss plan is effective. All quick weight loss plan does not last long and has some extremely bad side effects.

Customer opinion
Many customers say the diet plan works for them. And you know why this happens. On contrary, many customers say they feel hungry all the time. Moreover, some complain they have a serious headache all the time. Furthermore, some complain their skin was flushed and blood pressure rise high. It does not end here. Dizziness, weakness and nauseated are common in many customers reviews.

Most of the experts suggest not using this diet plan, even not any kind of short-term plan to achieve weight loss. It will make you weak. So what do you think? Do you want to try? Try at your own risk. But remember, regular exercise with proper balanced diet is the best solution for weight loss. Of course, if you want to keep yourself safe and healthy.

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