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5 Steps to Overcome Body Image Issues

By December 11, 2015 - 1:30pm

In a society where we are judged based on physical attributes, our body image plays a constant role on how we accept ourselves and the level of confidence we can carry. Our highways are paved with billboards of models in skinny jeans, and women of petite sizes and slim figures. Because of such advertising, we were molded to think that these are the images of perfection and that we must be in the same built as the models to be accepted by society. We have different built of bodies and bone structures, and each one should be recognized as much as the other.
You are not inferior to any other shape or size. While each one is different, it also means that each one is unique. Here are some tips that can help you in overcoming your body image issues:
1. Surround yourself with positivity.
This plays a big part in overcoming your body image issues. The people that you chose to surround yourself with should be lifting you up and not tearing you down. Friendship, love and connection does not rely on one’s physical attributes but on faith and emotional trust with each other. Friendship should not be more on quantity but on the quality. Having few friends that have your back and believe in your skills and personalities is better than having hundreds of people who do not believe in you.
2. Eat what is right.
It feels great when you’re eating what your body needs. You feel clean inside, strong, and also boosts your overall mood. You can satisfy your junk food cravings once in a while, but when you’ve eaten too much you feel bloated but not full. Your energy will depend on what you eat. Believe me, your body will thank you for giving it what it needs. When you feel good, you look good. Keep in mind that you are not eating greens to lose weight but to fine tune your body to the right food and give it the right nutrients. Losing weight is a bonus your body will give you by eating what is right, it is not the main goal of proper diet.
3. Reinforce your relationships.
Women who are on the plus size tend to seek more affirmation or acceptance of their physical attributes. Gather your closest friends and ask them what they think about you. When I think about a friend’s best characteristic, it always leads to how they are caring, giving and loyal. Never do I think that a physical attribute is someone’s best trait. It will always be the connection we have and not on how we look. Your job is to hear what they have to say, reinforce your friendship and at the same time boost you confidence that people do not look on the exterior but on what’s on the inside.
4. Consult the experts.
Surrendering yourself to the medical experts does not necessarily mean that you do not accept what you have, but that you are open to possibilities and that you care for your body. There are options as to how you can shape your body such as taking HCG drops accompanied with an HCG based diet. A low calorie intake will pave the way for a lean body, as long as it is under the careful watch of your dietician. Consult with your doctor if you really feel the need to remove excess fat and if you sense that your present diet is insufficient. But most of all...
5. Love your body, and love what you have.
Just because skinny jeans are the “it” thing today, does not mean you are required to wear them too. We all have different body builds and therefore we have different preferences on how we should flatter our shape. If a trend does not fit your body shape then it’s not worth the sadness, and simply put it is not for you.
Learn to accept what you have been given because the change will start with you. You will start feeling good once you accept that you are good enough, and that acceptance will not come from others but from you alone. Love your body so it will love you back.

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