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Mullein A Plant Of Miracle For Your Health, Just Try It

By April 22, 2016 - 1:19am

Mullein isn’t some new plant but medicinally it’s in use since ancient times and still it is popular among the masses for its amazing powers to deal with many infections and inflammatory elements. The leaves, flowers and roots of this plant are in use to defeat many diseases that are caused by some infections.
The oil is also extracted from the leaves of this plant to be used for the swellings and to kill the infections. If we see the history this plant is in use since ages for the treatments of bruises, burns, hemorrhoids and gout etc.


Mullein is actually the name for any of a genus Verbascum. They are the herbs from northern moderate regions. They grow with the height of 7 feet just with the help of a single stem. They contain pale colored flowers. The formulation or the anatomy of this plant tells us that it has a very impressive caliber actually. it consist of flavonoids, saponins, tannins, terpenoids, glycosides, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils.


This plant has so many advantages but some of them are mentioned below.


The astringent properties of this plant make it a proper and pertinent solution for the ear diseases. If your child is having this infection as it is very common in children you can use this plant as the treatment. There are many ear drops containing this plant in them. The oil of this plant is also an effective solution for the earache and infections. This is a natural remedy and can save you from many side effects of the other medicines.


Bursitis is a very hurting kind of condition that uses to affect the small, fluid-filled sacs which cushioned the bones and muscles etc. it is actually the inflammation especially in the shoulder, elbow and hip.
Mullein can be helpful in this regard. You may boil the plant in water and make a sort of tea. Soak a cloth in this warm water and put it over the area where you are feeling the pain. Repeat this process again and again till you get the results. It will relief your pain as well as will lessen the inflammation that is causing the pain actually.


Mullein oil is a strong antiseptic that is why it’s very much effective for treating the infections both internal and external. Internal infections are like infections in the ears, colon, urinary tract and kidneys etc., whereas the external infections are the one related with the skin issues .


There are many seasonal as well as common allergies that can create issues relating to the respiratory system. Mullein tea can tackle these respiratory issues that include bronchitis, dry coughs, sore throats or tonsillitis. The antioxidant qualities of the plant can give you a relief and especially in the cold season. One can feel better with this treatment as it will surely be helpful in the breathing etc.

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