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Five Ways to Incorporate Matcha Into Your Daily Routine

By July 11, 2017 - 7:18am

You have just been told that you need to change your lifestyle. You have to eat and drink healthier and need a healthy routine. When changing your lifestyle, the first weeks are critical to ensuring a habit. Once you have a habit, you won’t miss the way you used to be. Getting to that point becomes the challenge. One way to help you drink healthier is to make sure you switch from coffee to matcha tea. Follow these ideas on how to make that switch smoothly.

If you don’t know what matcha is, it is a green tea that comes from Japan. The tea is a whole leaf that is ground into a powder. You can use the powder on food, in smoothies or as brewed tea. Because you consume the whole leaf, you get the benefits, which include antioxidants, energy nutrients, weight loss ingredients and calming agents.

Drink It at Breakfast

Instead of going for that cup of coffee with your breakfast food to give you an energy boost in the morning, brew yourself a cup of matcha. Because of its nutrients, your energy levels will remain constant throughout the day. Therefore, one cup will sustain you and help you through your work day. You also won’t get the high and low that are found with the caffeine in coffee.

Bring Powder to Work

If you don’t normally drink coffee in the morning, you could pack the powder to bring with you to work. You can drink it hot or cold at the office. It will keep you calm as you are working, so you don’t feel the stress of the job. When you are relaxed, you will be more productive and efficient.

Use as Mid-Afternoon Snack

Because it is a powder, you can add it to foods. Sprinkle some on your favorite healthy snack to eat in the mid-afternoon. It will boost your energy levels, help you through the rest of the day and give you the health benefits you are seeking. You can skip the chocolate and go for the matcha powder.

Make a Dessert

Matcha is found in ice cream and smoothies. You can create an interesting healthy dessert when you start with matcha powder. If you don’t want ice cream because you are trying to be healthier, you could use frozen yogurt or regular yogurt. You could search for recipes that include matcha tea powder as a dessert. This will allow you to ease away from the sweet stuff while still enjoying dessert.

Feature It as After-Dinner Drink

If you normally have a cocktail after your dinner, you could switch to matcha tea. You could serve it as hot if you are used to drinking coffee after dinner or cold if your goal is to get rid of alcohol. By making this switch, you won’t be up all night or addicted to alcohol. You also won’t have to worry about the ill-effects of alcohol. At the same time, you will prevent heart disease, have better sleeping habits and ensure you get healthier.

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