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7 Fun And Easy Exercises That Promote Weight Loss

By August 8, 2012 - 4:33am

Many people think that exercising entails going to the gym and sweating away at some undesirable routine, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many fun activities that you can do to promote weight loss. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will not seem like a chore, and you will be much more inclined to participate in activities that contribute to your health aspirations.


Walking is a great aerobic activity fit for beginners. It is one of the easiest exercises to perform because you can walk anywhere at any time. You don’t need any equipment and you can go out somewhere pleasant and de-stress in the process. Depending on where you are at, you can start with as little as 10 or 15 minutes and work your way up. The faster the pace, the more calories you will burn.


Cycling is a very enjoyable way to get exercise. It is easy on the body and can be very effective for weight loss depending on your intensity. It is also a great way to get to places, and can be done with friends. Many places have cycling clubs that range from leisurely cruiser rides to full day trail riding excursions. Cycling is a fun way to experience the outdoors and get the blood pumping through your veins. It develops muscle groups and strengthens the cardiovascular system. If you want to get in shape in a fun and easy manner, cycling is one of the best options.


Hula hooping is a fun activity that is excellent for your whole body. It strengthens your back, adjusts posture, and burns calories at the same time. You can hula in your back yard, inside your house, or at the park. Just a few minutes a day will help to tone your midsection, speed up your metabolism, and strengthen your respiratory system. It is a progressive exercise since there are many different tricks and techniques to learn. Look online for instructional videos.


Frisbee is an easy game since it requires only one piece of equipment and can be played virtually anywhere. It promotes a gentle range of body motion and increases the heart rate. Interestingly enough, an hour of playing frisbee burns more calories than many sports do. If you go a park, try taking a football and soccer ball as well to change up your activities. It’s a good way to meet new friends too!


Yoga may not seem like a weight loss activity at first, but its benefits are far reaching. Deep and gentle stretching loosens the muscles and tendons and allows the blood to circulate better. Better circulation helps the metabolic and digestive systems, which in turn aids in the fat burning process. Yoga also increases mobility which makes other activities easier. There are a variety of different practices, from gentle and easy Hatha yoga, to Hot yoga, which burns fat at an accelerated rate. It also puts you in touch with your body and gives you a greater awareness of what the body needs, which will lead you to select healthier foods. If you would like to relax, heal your body, and ease your mind, yoga is an excellent option.


Hiking is a fabulous activity that is good for both the body and the mind. There is an unlimited range of options to suite your current state, ranging from leisurely walks to high mountain assents. Being around the beauty of nature is pleasantly distracting, which makes this activity not seem like work. Hiking is far better than walking on flat ground since it works out a variety of different muscle groups. Get your body moving by seeking out a waterfall or a scenic mountain top and leave your cares behind for a few hours.


You can dance in a class, at a club, or around your house while doing chores. It is a great way to lift your spirits and burn calories at the same time. Music and dancing have long been regarded for their healing properties. Moving your body in variety of different motions helps circulation and triggers the production of the mood enhancing hormone serotonin. Take a class, go to a concert, or just turn up your house stereo and dance your way to a slimmer, fitter body.

These are just a few fun and easy activities that promote weight loss. If you want to slim up, getting out and doing more than you do right now is what is most important. Pick one or more things that you enjoy and make a habit of participating in activities, and you will be well on your way to creating the body you desire.

To find out more about holistic science of weight loss, check us out www.takealoadoffnow.com. Best wishes for your health and happiness!

What other exercises would you add to this list?

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