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Who is god

By April 22, 2011 - 4:33pm

I have always believed in God, I may have not been an active christian as i know i should be but I do try and pray every day. I am so confused as i got older, instead of my faith getting stronger i feel like it is replaced with more doubt. I want to believe there is a higher power , someone who loves me and watches over me and keeps me safe. But i have been handed a rpugh deal for the last 18 years and ive had 2 good ones. But i look at all the people that get so much love and happiness and support, people that i dont consider to be very good people, and i wonder why god doesnt help me in those ways. I pray and i get no reply, I dont try to ask for much when i do pray i just apologize for my sins and thank him for my blessings...and to keep my son safe. But I dont know how to keep the faith, i dont know how to make myself truly believe that someone who loves me so much ignores me.

By October 21, 2014 - 11:07am

I look at the dates of these two lonely posts, and realize that noone has even read this girls need for others, and hope, except for one other, and know that even they are not likely to read what i am writing now.. to know,, her need to ask and plea for someone to answer what she feels God wont answer and let her know she is not alone.... has been read by me, and understood.. and how much i appreciate God's gift to me, for a lifetime, to always know, and have deep belief and appreciation for everything I see and recognize as "God things". I love me... i am my friend because i know i was created by one so awesomely intellegent, and yet who took enough time to create what and who i am so a personality could freely form within me.. to create me to be me.. and i love that He allowed it for me to live in these times, full of facts so faith is not as necessary as it used to be. To allow me to live in these times when we are blessed with the knowledge of DNA.. which lets it be explained how a Father can be a Son and be One, and yet still be two. And to take that which we call cloning and place it into the womb of a virgin to be born... The truest miracle of all i think is in the fact that there were enough then that did not have this knowledge we call science, and yet, have full belief and faith enough to protect this pregnant girl from being stoned to death. But for all of our growth of knowledge, too many have only went backwards, to allow themselves to be swept up in the skeptical attitude of not allowing themselves to know and recognize the bold truths and proofs of creation all around us, and to refuse to stop having the spoiled brat complaints of God not being there, and not answering when they call Him, as if He is supposed to swoop down and make a physical appearance on demand,, knowing full well of the impossibility of such a demand. and refusing to acknowledge the events and actions and everyday things that are the things He has done to share Himself with her,, to help as best as can be, from One who cannot become one of us as one of us right now for whatever reasons there are,, and not call it desertion, and un-loved by Him. And yes ,, oh yes its so not fair that good people have such bad stuff and bad people get such good happenings, but,, doesnt the world seem so dyslexic like that.. and remember, fair is two weeks in august.. and change is pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters. And too many women (and men) are obsessed with the need to never feel worthy, from the day they are born, and dont deserve God.. and must spend their lives apologizing for life. instead of celebrating the privilege of it.. even if its a bad life, i guess its better than some, who didnt get life as we have it.. what ever they may be, they are not us,, the creations of God. created by His own Hands and thoughts. thank God.

October 21, 2014 - 11:07am
By May 4, 2011 - 10:03am

then we wouldnt have higher powers. I once was told that faith is the ability to believe in something when there is no logical reason for doing so.My religious beleifs are different from yours but embody the same principles, and I for one will tell you that you are valued and loved and that you are not ignored, sometimes it seems frusterating when you see good things happen to bad people and when you do good it seems you suffer, but that is because we miss the big picture, when you do what your soul constitutes as proper for your mores you do this activity because it feels good for you not because im going to be rewarded. When you go into it thinking that because I do good good must happen We set ourselves up for failure because we went into it with expectations. Life happens despite ourselves and no matter what we do good and bad happens but that isnt because we are being punished or rewarded it is just because we have free will to do what feels good to us even if it may be agianst our mores The idea isnt to pray and ask for anything but just to pray to connect and do what feels important to you and remember that somewhere somehow someway we are valued by someone if may just not be visible at that moment. I can relate to being given a lot in life that at moments seems unfair but when I step out of that mindset I also see that despite what I have gone thru It is part of me and to be given value why becuse simply it is my story my reality and I can get anger at moments and also at the same time have peace knowing that My journey will never be like anothers becuse i am unique and therfore my experiences are my own. MYPERSONAL MANTRA IS SIMPLY BREATH AND ENDURE AS THIS IS ONLY A MOMENT AND SOON TO BE DELEGATED TO MEMORY. Just breath and know that you are special simply because you exist.

May 4, 2011 - 10:03am

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