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What did it?

By August 23, 2010 - 10:20am

What did it for you? How did you know you were having a problem with depression? Share your experience. It may be helpful for someone else, and cathartic for you.

By January 31, 2011 - 8:19am

Hi kjryder,
File that one under cathartic. Hope it helped to get it out. :)
Thank you for being here, and for joining EmpowHER. Please know that no matter how alone you feel, you are not alone. And there always is something you can do to improve your situation--you do have choices. You are a very strong person that you are reaching out, and not accepting that your current situation is all that there is.
I do however think, that there is a purpose to being where you are now--school. It's important to get your education completed. No, I didn't talk with your parents, I just am a firm believer that when you finish high school, there is more to learn from the world of academics. I know it can be hard to just focus on that, and be where you are for now. What are you studying, if you're open to sharing? Is there a particular reason why you picked the school you're going to? Can the school in the bigger city where your friends are offer the same academic advantages?
Maybe you are being a little dramatic, I can't say either way. But hey, it's your deal! Be a bit dramatic if you feel like it. That is where you are in life. No sense in putting your life on hold until you can get to the big city--would you be willing to see if you could find a group with similar interests? Do they have an equestrian club where you are? Or anything similar where you could find like-minded people? What do you think? Is there anyone in any of your classes you enjoy talking with that you could meet up with on weekends or at night to hang out (even study together)?
Looking forward to your reply,

January 31, 2011 - 8:19am
By January 30, 2011 - 11:25pm

My depression started when i went away to school for the second year. My first year at university was fine but this year has been a lot different, in a negative way. First of all I feel like I don't relate to many of the people in the town I am in right now. They are all very immature and don't care about anything but going out and partying, which is fine but i did all of that in high school. Heck, I was even know as the party girl of my town but here I feel like I have no one to relate to. I have always been the girl with a lot of friends and a very avid social life but here I spend a lot of time studying, which is a big part of being at school. But I also spend a lot of time alone and in my student house down here which is hard because I don't really have friends here because I havent found people that I click with. It is so hard to meet people here and I am so lonely. I also have a very bad immune system so I am sick 90% of the time which also inhibits me from going out and being social and being able to exercise. I horseback ride intensly at home (5-6days a week, 2-3 horses a day) but here I dont have the time to ride so part of me is missing since I'm not able to persue my passion everyday. I enjoy learning a lto but since this enviroment isin't doing anything positive for me I am trying to switch schools and move to a bigger city where I have more friends, if my marks are good enough. But right now I feel like I'm wasting my life away, I'm in the prime of my life and I am stuck living with people I dont really like and not accomplishing anything but school. I feel so unbalanced and empty all the time. Some people in my life think I'm being dramatic about my cirumstances, but I feel like they jsut dont understand.I'm not sure if this is the kind of response that you wanted for this post but I needed to get out how I feel somwhere.

January 30, 2011 - 11:25pm

Group Leader

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