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Uterine Cancer

By December 6, 2012 - 11:57pm

I have grade 1 not sure on the Stage yet. I have my hysterectomy on 12th of Dec 2012. I am scared. The doctor feels like it's contain to uterus but looking back at the signs I had before having the biopsy and proving I had cancer concerns me. It's slow growing so when did I get this not welcomed disease inside me. I am scared and trying to look into supplements that's going to help me stay cancer free once I get this out of me. I just hope it being grade 1 I have a fighting chance. The words you never want to hear is," I am sorry to tell you but the cells came back positive for cancer but it's grade 1 and that's good thing as far as cancer goes. it's tough to hear and comprehend and you feel an out of body feeling.
Any suggestions or comments are welcomed,