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Instagram: Here are 5 foolproof ways to view stories anonymously

By February 22, 2024 - 12:08pm

With these 5 foolproof methods you can follow incognito on Instagram.

On Instagram, everyone knows that all users can see who viewed their story. This feature can be very useful for identifying stalkers, but it's even more annoying when you want to secretly view what your ex or crush has posted. In fact, there are several ways to outwit Instagram and watch stories from public pages unnoticed. Let us remind you that an Instagram story is a photo or video published on a user’s profile for only 24 hours.

Here are 5 ways to view Instagram stories anonymously.

1. Create another account or “finsta” (for fake insta)

The idea is simple and already well known to Instagram users: it involves creating a second anonymous account in the application. This trick, in addition to being safe, will allow you to secretly view the stories of several people over time. On the other hand, you will only be able to access stories from private accounts if they accept your follow request, which is not always possible if your account is anonymous. In addition, you can get burned if you post something on your fake account that concerns you or follow people you know. Be careful until the end and choose a random nickname!

2. Put yourself in airplane mode

More technically speaking, this method is extremely effective. This involves connecting to Instragram using your regular account, giving the app time to load media content from your news feed, and then putting your smartphone into airplane mode. This way, content that has already been uploaded will be visible and you can click on a story without risking being listed as someone who has viewed it.

3. Method for professionals

This method, which can be tricky, is only for real Instagram followers who are used to swiping. First, they will have to go to the News Feed, where a list of news items to watch will appear at the top of the screen. Once the target story is determined, click on the next profile story. When that user's story is displayed, simply tap on it to pause it, and then gently slide the image to the right without even lifting your finger. The previous story (about the intended goal) will appear on the screen of your smartphone. But be careful: if you lift your finger, the story will actually appear and you will lose your anonymity.

4. Go to igsaved.com and find the most popular resource insta-stories-viewer.com.

These sites will allow you to view the stories of any public Instagram account freely and anonymously after viewing some promotional content. The site also allows you to download stories viewed in the Download tab https://igsaved.com/story-saver/.

5. Download the Story Reposter app.

The Story Reposter app for iPhone will also allow you to view any story anonymously after logging in through your Instagram account. The same application exists for Android called Story Saver.

See also: https://tiksaved.com/

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