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Focus On The Connection Between Witches And Women's Health?

By February 29, 2024 - 3:55am

Have you ever wondered over what witches have to do with women's health? I watch movies a lot, and it is amazing how much knowledge one could be exposed to at any given moment. Traditionally, we had a lot of women practicing medicine and that helped many in society. It is absurd that such women ended up being charged with witchcraft. 

Focus on the matter 

I was recently honoured to spend some time with a group of women where we had a serious talk over lunch, delving into the topics of food, health, and healthy eating. We discussed the importance of making mindful choices when it comes to our diet. I trust it was an eye-opening moment for me, and that is considering I benefited quite a great deal from our shared insights into maintaining a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, it was the realization that such moments of sharing could be immensely helpful to my health and wellbeing. I feel tempted to say that they could help even more than going to seek help from my doctor.

It was disappointing to learn that my doctor did not have the answers to some of my questions. For example, he struggled a great deal to explain to me properly when it came to the questions involving women and their wellbeing. I keep wondering why matters seem complex in such case scenarios involving women participants. The truth I came to discover is that most of what he studied focused mainly on men, and doing very little when it came to women.  Women are probably the majority in the entire populace, and I can’t yet comprehend the current dynamics. I sought out another doctor, and I am glad we are faring on just fine.

Our discussion oscillated around the consumption of healthy meals. We agreed that it was important to have higher intakes of herbs. The discovery for me was that I could rely on my senses and manage to achieve very desirable health outcomes. Salad dressing is something most people underestimate, and yet it is one of the greatest moves anyone could make to enhance health and wellbeing. 

Severe cases 

Deirdre English and Barbara Ehrenreich did an outstanding job in revising their classic book, and I believe there is a lot to learn from these two. The book is known as Witch, Midwives &Nurses,” The revelations here are tremendous! We understand all about the difficult times women have gone through since time immemorial. As the title suggests, we learn that society has over the ages sacrificed tens of thousands of women if not more to death. Society held on to the excuse that they were witches to bring their lives to an end. We have more information currently, with the most recent details emanating from a section of scholars who say the figure stands at about 100,000 People. Sadly, a majority of them are still women. These scholars estimated women in the group to stand at 80-85 percent. Killing a woman on the sad excuse that she is a witch is a terrible thing to do no matter the time. 


The mid-16th century was a difficult time for women. There were times when all women, except one, would be killed in an entire village on claims that they practiced witchcraft. The political class went hand in hand with misogyny to destroy the woman, and still, her fate lies on a thin thread. In the face of such adversity, empowering women becomes crucial. More needs to be done to protect the other gender and ensure that women are not only safeguarded but also given the tools and opportunities to thrive.

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