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DIY Ear Wax Removal Techniques for Women's Wellness

By September 28, 2023 - 12:20am

Ear wax is dirt that you have to get rid of. Just like taking a bath regularly in order to stay clean, it is also important that you clean your ear wax from time to time. The ear canal can be blocked by ear wax which will make it hard for you to hear properly. You don’t have to wait for the time that you are already experiencing itchiness and pain in your eyes until you can hardly hear. Though you may think that this is just a simple action that you can do anytime, the effects will have a great impact to your life like in communicating with other people. If you are curious to know more about ear wax, read this

Ways to Clean Ear Wax At Home 

Cleaning ear waxis normally done at home. However, there are people who find it hard to get rid of ear wax maybe because it is stuck or they are afraid to remove it thinking that they might hit the ear drum. As a result, they usually get help from specialist like in drlesliekoh who specializes in helping people face issues with their throat, nose, and ears. They have the knowledge and tools in order to provide people the help they needed. 

The amount of ear wax inside the ears differs from one person to another. There are things that could affect the amount of ear wax such as hearing aids or earphones, infections, ear surgery, or you don’t know how to do the cleaning of the ear wax the right way. In Cleaningear wax at home, you can use the following. 

  • Ear Drops – If you only need to get rid of a small amount of ear wax, then making use of ear drops is already enough. As much as possible, the ear drops should contain hydrogen peroxide or any other types of peroxide. You have to drop the liquid inside your ear and let it stay there for a couple of minutes to soften the ear wax inside.
  • Bulb Syringe – The use of a bulb syringe is the next option if the ear drops don’t work. In using the bulb syringe, you will need warm water and put it inside. After that squeeze it to the opening of the ear which will help in softening the wax. You have to let the water stay there for a while. 

Cleaning ear wax doesn’t always mean paying for an ear wax removal service. If you will only have to deal with a small amount of ear wax and you often clean your ears, then it is okay if you prefer doing it at home. However, if you have already tried all of these techniques at home and you still experience hearing problems, it is best that you get help at drlesliekoh and set an appointment. You can be assured that they can clean your ears properly without worrying about your eardrum. They can also help you deal with other issues concerning your nose and mouth.


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