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how many of you are having a day where you act like a 2yrs old and have a meltdown

By September 27, 2013 - 6:18pm

My day started somewhat messed up cause i am attending a conference and I of course missed my ride to the conference , and this point if i wanted to attend today's conference i would have to ask my dad for a ride, and somewhat begrudgingly my dad gave me a ride to the hotel, which was in hartford , ct... I was thinking on the way there , what have i missed, well after getting to the hotel i got to where i was supposed to be, and i got to one of the workshops and then had a pretty good day, things were going along smoothingly, and i was a happy camper for the day, until i got ready to leave, i went to the restroom and I thought that i left my notebook.... I did leave my notebook somewhere, I am not sure where... and 15mins before i left... I really had a meltdown, I was talking on the phone to the cab company and of course they had me on hold, which was good , cause i started crying and really had a meltdown.... a nice young man came over to me and said are you ok? I said that i was not ok, and he was so nice and so nuturing that I was so appreciative of his caringness...

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