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Long-Term Computer Use, Is It Harmful To The Eyes? - Dr. Reckell (VIDEO)

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Dr. Reckell explains if long-term computer use is harmful to a woman's eyes.

Dr. Reckell:
It’s not been proven that there is harm to the eye from computers. The ultraviolet rays or any type of radiation from a computer, there has been no studies showing that there’s actual damage to the eye, but what computers do is cause us to have to focus at an arm’s length or closer and if there was a focusing disorder it will bring it to that person’s attention. So the computers don’t cause these problems; they make us aware of problems that exist.

So if we do have some type of focusing disorder, whether it’s astigmatism or hyperopia or presbyopia, these are all going to be focusing disorders that we are made aware of when we are trying to focus on a computer because it will be difficult and there will be a strain. So if you are trying to work on a computer and you have one of those focusing disorders it will get blurry, you’ll feel fatigue, you can get headaches, you can get double vision and then when you have the examination and get the appropriate prescription it will relieve all of those problems, then you can work for long time periods comfortably on a computer.

There is one thing about computers though. You can get glare and reflections depending on the angle of the screen or the light in the room, the way it’s reflecting off, so most eyewear you can get with anti-reflective coatings, that’s what I’m wearing right now, reduces the glare. So you want to adjust your screen to reduce glare, adjust the room lighting to reduce glare, but also have the appropriate eyewear that helps you focus and reduces the glare as well.

About Dr. Susan Reckell, O.D.:
Dr. Susan L. Reckell graduated from Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris University in 1984. She holds optometry licenses in Arizona and Michigan. With more than 23 year of experience, she currently works as an optometrist at Riviera Opticare Inc.

Visit Dr. Reckell at Riviera Opticare Inc.

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