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Detached Retina Causes & Risks


Many factors can cause retinal detachment. These include:

  • Eye trauma—damage from blunt or penetrating injuries to the eye, which may be caused by:
    • Sports-related activities
    • Blunt trauma
    • Flying objects
    • Car accidents
  • Severe nearsightedness —This causes an unusually elongated eyeball, which can lead to increased risk for retinal detachment.
  • Cataract surgery —This and many other types of eye surgery can increase the risk of retinal detachment.
  • Scar tissue in the eye, especially if it contracts
  • Tumors in the eye
  • Certain other eye and medical disorders

Risk Factors

A risk factor is something that increases your chances of getting a disease or condition. Risk factors for retinal detachment include:

  • Increasing age—With age, changes occur in the eye that can lead to an increased risk of retinal detachment.
  • Previous retinal detachment in the same or other eye
  • Severe nearsightedness
  • Family members with retinal detachment
  • Holes or tears in the retina
  • Trauma

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